COVID-19 Update

Reopening Guidelines

We are very concerned about the health and welfare of our patients, their families and our team. Considering the ongoing pandemic, we will be implementing some changes to the schedule and the normal way we accommodate patients and their families in our office.

In addition to the universal precautions and sterilization protocols that we use routinely as set by the CDC for medical/ dental practices that protect our patients and team from cross contamination, we will change the waiting room setting to include hand sanitizer, removal of magazines and toys, rearrange seating as best as possible and utilize the other seating in our clinic to avoid close contact with mutual patients.

We are kindly asking our patients to assist us in reducing the risk of the corona virus exposure. We are working quickly to maximize our responses for the safety and well- being of our patients, your families, and our team. We are following ever-evolving recommendations from our OSHA expert/ consultant, along with those from the CDC, American Dental Association and American Association of Orthodontists.

Please note:

Patients only permitted in our clinical treatment areas, please.

If you have question about your patient, please ask our clinical staff BEFORE the appointment.

Minimize the number of people in our office. We ask that only the patient come in the office unless it is necessary for the patient to be accompanied by a parent. Only 1 (one) parent or guardian should accompany the patient. Refrain from bringing friends, siblings and other family members to the appointment or plan for them to stay in the car.

We are requiring all patients to wear mask in the waiting room and if a parent must go back into the clinical area, they must wear a mask. If you are unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons. We ask you to please remain in your car or wait outside the lobby. Thank you.

Anyone showing flu- like symptoms or if you are sick or have a fever or cough, we will need to postpone the appointment and reschedule. Please call and we will get you rescheduled. We will be screening patients and taking temperatures before each appointment

If anyone in your circle of family and friends has traveled outside the U.S or had contact with folks who have, please inform us.

Please don’t use your cell phone in the clinic area or at the chair during your appointment, though you can use it to make your next appointment prior to leaving. Phones can be dirty, and we encourage you to pay attention to this, both here and in your personal life and it should be wiped down with disinfectant periodically.


We will triage all our patient’s appointments as to need and severity. We may contact currently schedule appointments to reschedule to later dates. We appreciate your understanding during the difficult time.


We may be rescheduling patients to future appointments, dependent upon each person’s specific needs, as determined by Dr. Pritchard and learn more about the evolution and progression for the COVID- 19 virus. We will try to contact you before your appointment if there will be change. If you want to confirm this, please feel free to call.

If you feel it would be best for your personal needs to just stay home and want to reschedule for whatever reason, we totally understand this desire and will work to reschedule you later.

Thank you for understanding, patience, and assistance in our concerned efforts to make our office environment safe everyone. We are trying our very best.